Casting Kill

Auditions can be murder


An identity fraudster posing as a casting director for a major Hollywood production, preys on actors desperate to win their big break.

"A slick and original thriller packed with wild characters, interesting shots and edge-of-the-seat moments" -- IndieFilmopolis Review

"A chic and topical thriller with some fun performances and a fantastic score" -- CineDump Review

Reserve your tickets early for this fantastic event in London's West End at 7pm on 3 March 2023 via the Eventbrite Page

Many of the actors and crew members will be in attendance and this a great chance to network!

The event: networking in the bar + film screening (80 mins) + Q&A

World Premiere
This first screening took place at the 10th anniversary of Horror-On-Sea as featured on BBC News in January 2023!

USA Premiere
The USA Premiere also took place in January at Scorpiusfest, Park City, Utah where Casting Kill won two awards: BEST SCORE (Feature Film) and BEST DIRECTOR (Feature Film). Congratulations to all involved!

The Film
Edgy, satirical, and with a Hitchcockian vibe, the feature film was derived from crowdfunding and shot in just six days in central London. Check out the Director's Statement and see Press for more.

For the latest reviews and insights, see the press page