We are writers and producers of feature films. Our slate encompasses a range of projects at all budget levels aimed at an international market.

If you are interested in discussing collaborations or investment possibilities, please contact us to open a conversation.

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“Loved the script [The Finca]. Pacey, sexy with good tension” -- Universal Pictures, London

“My staff don’t get to enjoy working on a night like that very often, they were all thrilled!”  -- Hanna Joslin, Odeon Cinemas

“I’ve watched tons of low budget flicks over the last several years, and almost none were as polished and engaging as [Casting Kill]” -- Michael Cavender, Columbus Film Critics Association

"Casting Kill has...Moments of macabre tension, whilst also being wickedly funny" -- Welcome To Horror Podcast

Spanish translation: Mantarraya. Also called devilfish, manta ray.