London location required for feature film

We have a fabulous cast and crew ready to shoot our 'smart horror' feature film, Casting Kill. But just one element now remains: the location. Here's what we're looking for:

Can you help?
For any of you who reside in central London or have connections there, maybe you can help? If you know of a large building that fits the criteria below, do drop us a line:
  • House - vacant or occupied but with minimal ‘clutter’
  • Warehouse - renovated or disused, with rooms leading off or on different levels
  • Any other building of character such as a disused church/chapel or hall
All locations must have electricity, running water and an exterior such as a quiet street, garden, large courtyard or grounds where we can shoot our outside scenes. We do have a budget for location fees (although not on a Hollywood scale!), and our cast and crew are minimal and respectful, with a required filming duration of five days.

All cast and crew are paid, the shoot will be insured and comply with current Coronavirus COVID-19 Guidance.

Remember, contact us if you have any ideas, and thank you!
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