Crowdfunding success as Casting Kill moves into pre-production

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, our Hitchcockian ‘indie’ horror moves into a pre-production phase whereby the screenplay is being refined whilst casting and scheduling tasks are also now very much on the horizon.


Although the budget for the film is tiny as compared to other productions in the independent sector and Hollywood, the idea for Casting Kill is so unique and chilling, that it could indeed stand a good chance of breaking out into the mainstream, especially with the thirst for new ideas and content due to the pandemic and the in-house experience of our team who are expert at producing full-length features on a shoestring. Screenwriter-producer Caroline Spence is rightly keeping the finer details of the idea under wraps until release later in 2021!

For updates and details, check out the official Casting Kill web page, which also has details about how you can support the project through sponsorship.

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